Avgolemono/Lemon Soup Recipe

Avgolemono/Lemon Soup Recipe
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The Struggle Was Real

Growing up my family would frequent a local greek restaurant. I would look over the menu but would land on the same decision every time. Lemon Soup PLEASE! When I moved out and really started cooking on my own. I attempted making this lemon soup recipe, it never ended up just right… so I gave up…

Recently the fire was lit again. This November I had a heap of leftover turkey and made a delicious soup with orzo rice. While devouring my last bowl I realized that this was the same texture as the lemon soup at the restaurant I used to love. Back to the drawing board and now with the help of the internet and my dear friend Toni. I didn’t have to struggle as much as I did before.

Tips and Tricks

  1. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT boil your lemons rinds in the broth. I made this mistake for you and was rewarded with a virtually inedible pot of soup. I’ve messed up plenty of dishes in my life, but very few have been thrown out immediately, so far it’s this, and some purple chicken… we won’t talk about that one. To avoid this happening to you, trust me don’t get fancy… just use the juice.
  2. Chop your onion and celery as small as you can. This will ensure they have time to cook down and will promote a soup texture.
  3. Have extra stock/ broth on hand. Because of the nature of Orzo pasta it acts as a thickening agent. Your leftovers will end up being thick. I keep a little extra on hand and add it to my leftovers the next day.

Tools I Use

This recipe calls for my standard weeknight kitchen tools. I used my Le Creuset in place of a stock pot. My chef knife, I rarely use any other type of knife. But my new obsession my bench scraper. I have always watched my mom use this tool and have had one kicking around in my drawer and I regret not using it sooner. It keeps my work space tidy, and makes it so I can easily scoop and transfer my ingredients.

Lemon Soup

This recipe makes a LARGE serving. I can't tell you what the actual serving size is. Chris and Jude devour most of it before I can get an exact survey of it. My best guess it that This will serve 6 easily.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 1 hr
Course Main Course, Soup
Cuisine Mediterranean
Servings 6 people


  • stock pot


  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 onion finely diced
  • 3 stocks celery finely diced
  • 3 cloves garlic smashed and minced
  • 1 chicken bouillon cube
  • 3 boxes 32 oz chicken broth
  • 16 oz orzo pasta
  • 1/2-1 cup lemon juice depending on your lemon preference
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1 whole chicken I buy a rotisserie and shred for convenience


  • 1 sliced lemons
  • 1 tbsp butter


  • Prep all ingredients.
  • Over medium high heat, heat your oil. Add onion, celery and garlic, saute until fragrant and translucent. About 3 minutes. Do not brown.
  • Stir in bouillon cube. Add two boxes of your chicken broth, bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Add the Orzo, continue to cook for 7-9 minutes. String on and off to avoid sticking. Check the orzo when it has finished cooking add the lemon juice. The more lemon the better to me so I used a full cup of lemon juice. I would recommend starting with a 1/2 cup and adjusting from here.
  • Temper in the egg yolks. Place egg yolks in a heat proof dish. SLOWLY add 1 cup of broth at a time whisking the whole time. Return egg yolk mixture to your soup. The goal here is to not cook the egg immediately but to allow it to combine with the other ingredients.
  • Shred or chop your chicken and add to your soup.
  • With the last box of chicken broth use to adjust the consistency of your soup. I often find my soup has thickened and I add about a half a box right before serving, keeping the rest in the fridge to thin out my leftovers the next day.
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