Chicken Eggs v. Duck Eggs

As it turns out egg test comparison is a bit disturbing, but, we took one for the team! If you’re wondering why we are comparing eggs you can catch up on the duck investigation below. Last week we went to our local farmers market and purchased chicken and duck eggs, this weekend we conducted a very professional taste test. We decided that we needed to make sure we liked duck eggs better than chicken eggs before we go forward with getting ducks. We eat a lot of eggs at our house, usually they are scrambled or over easy. After we cooked up a few eggs we sat down to let our tastebuds do the rest. What we found out was duck eggs won by a landslide, in fact I think I will be disappointed to fry up my regular ole’ eggs tomorrow morning. The flavor of the eggs weren’t actually any different, they tasted like eggs, only more so. The duck yolks were much brighter but the taste was very similar. The whites on the other hand was where it was completely different! The duck whites were almost as creamy as their yolks and that in the end swayed our vote to DUCKS!

So… earlier this winter our family dog passed away. He was an amazing dog, Chris and I got him when we when we were 19. Hobie was with us through life’s major mile stones; our first year living together, he helped Chris propose to me, we bought and moved into our first home together, and had Jude. All good things must come to an end and Hobie was one of life’s good things. When Hobie died Chris and I decided we would wait a few years before we got another dog. But according to Chris I said nothing about ducks… and he is right. Chris has been lobbying hard to have some sort of animal around for Jude. We have come to an agreement that ducks might, I said MIGHT! be a compromise. With that being said we have put on our detective hats and looking for cold hard facts. What are the pros and cons to raising ducks?


The eggs are higher in protein and key nutrients.

Ducks are more social than chickens.

Ducks help with snail and grasshopper problems. (our yard has both)

Their eggs are delicious! They are much tastier than chicken we did a taste test keep reading!


They are an animal… oh boy one more thing on our plate!

They can be messy while eating

Duck poop.

The investigation will continue. Stay tuned.

“Please don’t get ducks”

My mother while reading this

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