Grandma's Sidecar

If any of you know my grandma, then you know she is cooler than anyone on the block. She knows what’s what. Well right now she’s telling you, I’m telling you and soon your other cool friend will be telling you that a sidecar is the next hip drink out there. My grandma whipped these up for us during our stay with her this week and I had to share the recipe with you. They are so refreshing and scream “Spring is coming!” and that is something we all need to hear. Warning they are so delicious that you could easily overdo it on these!

What you need

Lemon Juice


Hennessy Cognac



How to: Mix three equal parts lemon juice, Cointreau, Hennessy. Pour over ice in a sugared rim glass.

Earlier in the day we made a stop at Point Loma Seafood and bought some fresh smoked salmon. So while Grandma was whipping up sidecars I put together a quick charcuterie board for us to enjoy. Click HERE for recipe.

Find a cozy space, gather up your loved ones and enjoy!

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