When it comes to my table I would normally like to have all of my loved ones bellied up to my dining room table to enjoy a homemade meal, well this time the my table is a little smaller a lower to the ground. During COVID it can be disappointing to not celebrate loved ones as we planned. This past month I put on my thinking cap and came up with a plan to celebrate bride to be Amanda (my sister in law). First, we decide we would have it outside to lower the risk of spreading germs. Second, the list was intimate. We kept the number to twelve, only her closest friends and family. Third, I wanted to provide everyone with their own sanctuary for peace of mind. Fourth, everything was as low touch as possible.

COVID Planing 101

Logistics: When planning a party I always try and think of one WOW factor and I usually like this to be in the form of fun/entertainment for my guests. For this party the WOW was their very own private towel sanctuary. When the girls came they were able to pop their own bubbly and have that Audrey Hepburn moment. Being the foodie that I am usually I would have wanted to prepare all the food but again because of COVID we decide to cater individual salads from cafe rio (the brides favorite goto lunch for sunny pool days) this way no one was sharing serving spoons of any kind.

Place of sanctuary: We did this by giving each girl their own towel (with their initials embroidered on the corner). A crate flipped upside down for a private table. A small bottle of bubbly and Sanpellegrino, in a bucket, with homemade flower petal ice cubes (Standby for How-To, I need to work out a few kinks!) sunscreen, hand fan, face wipes, hand sanitizer and beautifully arranged flowers from one of the fabulous guests.

Low touch food service: As much as I try not to use plastic (for environmental reasons AND it doesn’t feel as elegant as drinking out of a real glass or serving your salad out of a rich wood bowl) this is not the time for that. I had pre-cut and individually packaged watermelon on-ice click here for the togo container I used. On a table were black truffle chips I purchased mine at Caputos our local artisan market. We even propped the gate open so the guests could walk in with out touching anything.

Shopping List: Let’s make this easy! Click and add to your amazon cart. Below you will find my shopping list and other odds and ends that you will need to recreate this celebration.

Setting Up:

Above you can see how I set up the lawn with the crate, flowers and drinks. But unfortunately I don’t have a picture of our deck setup noooooooo! I will do my best to describe. I had one buffet table set up with a navy blue table cloth, in a nice metal bucket I had the bags of chips. We had napkins, cups and silverware also available on this table. A bucket full of Ice that held the grab and go pre sliced watermelon and grapes along with extra waters and of course hand sanitizer.

Time to set up:

  • Set the deck table chip bucket, plates, cups, utensils and ice bucket up first so that food and drinks are ice-cold before guests arrive
  • lay out towels, crates next, sunblock, hand fans and face wipes
  • Add your flower petal ice cubes to your buckets (I put a layer of regular ice under them to bulk them up)
  • Now you are ready for the flowers
  • Don’t forget to turn on your music!

Cheers Amanda!

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