Jude Eats!

Sometimes I feel like I feed Jude the same food over and over again, you feel me? I hope this page will give you quick nourishing meal ideas, along with some tips and tricks for you and your little ones.

Sardines, left over greens and sweet potatoes

Did you know that one tin of sardines contains 22.7g of protein and 10.5g of fat?! Sardines are also one of the best sources of vitamin B12. Jude loves his with mustard. You could also try serving them smashed up with mayo, over crackers (a makeshift tuna fish), if your child is a bit suspicious of these at first.

Pot Roast.. all about that dip!

Thanks to Feeding Littles I think of Judes food in three categories: LOVE it, like it and learning to like it. While eating this dinner Jude gobbled down his green beans and carrots, but was hesitant of the roast. I ended up making some gravy with the juice from the pot roast and he happily dipped the roast after! The potato was moved around from section to section…. better luck next time.

Sprinkling is magic

Sometimes Jude just needs a project while eating. Here he is eating Bulgarian Yogurt that I find at Sprouts. I let him sprinkle in the wild frozen blueberries for a little task to do while eating.

Strawberries and nut butter

Quick and easy, check! Sliced and diced strawberries with nut butter. I usually use almond butter because it is high in vitamin E and easily absorbed.

Meatballs, avocado, and dip

I have found, that if Jude is ever having a meal he’s not digging (I can tell by the food that is flying past my face), I can add a dip and there is a 75 percent chance he’s more likely to eat it. I love to use Primal Kitchen ranch or caesar. They never use vegetable oil and have zero added sugar. Woot woot nutritional win!

Salmon Dinner, Sweet Potato Hash and blueberries
Pesto Magic

Jude loves this mild pesto! By keeping it on the side of his meal, our dip game is strong! Keeping Jude engaged is the key to a successful dinner.

Novelty foods

Sometimes I find that Jude is not as motivated to eat the food I cook. This is a little trick I learned from my mother. She will give Jude a slice of a meyer lemon to squeeze in between bites. This adds an element of play to eating. Meyer lemons are much sweeter than regular lemons that might be off putting to children.

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