Mediterranean Tacos

To make these paleo simply leave the feta off… ok maybe thats not so easy. BUT it would be paleo!

Whats for dinner?

Well well well… looks like we’ve made it to Thursday! Lets celebrate with some tacos! These are so simple, you can crank out dinner in about 10 minutes! These tacos have a Mediterranean flare, both my family and my husbands family originate from Lebanon. We can’t help ourselves our tacos tend to have a middle-eastern taste to them.


1LB ground lamb (you can substitute any type of ground meat)

3 TBS of olive oil for cooking

1 tsp salt

1 TBS harissa seasoning

Feta cheese for sprinkling

Arugula for stuffing

Siete casava flour tortillas

No crumbs left Red Onions …She knows what she is talking about! I don’t put herbs on this when I make it for this recipe.


  1. Heat a skillet with olive oil, add ground meat, seasoning and salt. Brown the meat.

2. In a separate skillet start heating up the tortillas .

3. Time to assemble! add what you like, leave the others. You do you boo.

Yep it was a lap dinner type of night. It was one of those nights that as soon as we walked through the door Jude had big ideas and dinner was not one of them! These tacos are so fast all I had to do was sauté meat and 10 min later dinner was ready… well Jude was still glued to me but hey he was eating and we ended in smiles!… and an early bed time.

“These taste lebaneseie….”

Aunt Ashley

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