Tahini Lime Mint Persian Cucumbers


¼ cup olive oil 

¼ cup tahini 

3 TBS lime juice

2  tsp sea salt 

4 TBS coconut aminos

6 mini Persiam cucumbers 

½ cup shredded Mint 

Sprinkling of Sesame Seeds 

Let rest one hour before serving?

Mix Olive oil, tahini, lime juice, salt, and coconut aminos together. Pour over cucumbers. Mix in shredded mint. Let rest 30 min before serving for maximum flavor.

Ok new obsession. I will probably eat this every meal until I can’t even look at a cucumber ever again and I am ok with that, that is how good this side salad is. 

This is perfect if you are doing a whole 30, eat paleo or keto! 

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